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Our Guarantee

flowers to Russia delivery guarantees

The goal of FlowersToPetersburg is to make every customer a satisfied customer. If you are not satisfied with any flower arrangement or gift purchased through our website, please contact us, and we will do our best to satisfy your needs. Before calling, we ask that you familiarize yourself with our substitution and cancellation policies.


Substitution Policy


Due to various seasonal conditions, availability of some flowers may be limited. Also, specific flower varieties or colors may not be available for delivery on a specified day or time of the year. Therefore, it is possible that the exact arrangement pictured or requested may not be available for delivery.

In this event, FlowersToPetersburg florists will use their discretion to choose similar, alternative flowers that are equal or greater in value and beauty. We may deliver the flowers of similar type but another color , which is currently available on the local market. Every effort will be made to maintain size, shape, and overall color schemes of an arrangement, but there may be some variance due to designer interpretation and product availability.

Additional items (toys, chocolates, champagne) may vary according to region and supply. Our main commitment is to ensure that the quality and integrity of the items delivered match the value of the items ordered


Minimum Order Total


Our minimum gift/flower order total is $30 USD (excluding delivery fee). This is established in order to cover the minimum labor and transportation expenses of our local florists. Therefore any order with a total less than minimum order total will be automatically changed to $30 USD plus corresponding delivery fee (based on a delivery location).
We therefore recommend ordering flowers or gifts for total price higher or equal to our minimum order charge.


Free items limitation


Some orders over a certain total are eligible to have a free item added to the delivery; however, this free bonus item is limited to one per order.




If you desire to make a change or addition to your submitted order, we strongly recommend that you make any requests prior to the 48-hour cut-off period. No additions or alterations are accepted later than 48 hours before the delivery date. If your order was submitted for rush delivery, within the 48 hours before delivery date, no changes or additions are possible.


Incorrect Recipient Information


If delivery could not be done because of an incorrectly specified recipient's address, our company will not be responsible for delivery delays or failure, therefore no refund will be allowed. Some of our orders are handled by a 3rd party shipper such as DHL, FedEx, UPS or others, so whenever the address is incorrect: updates in their systems & rerouting may potentially delay delivery by 1-3 business days OR lead to a complete delivery failure (when the product shelf life no longer allows for delivery delay). We therefore highly recommend you to double check the address & specify a working recipient's phone number to ensure timely delivery.

If the recipient's delivery information is incorrect and no alternative information is provided on a timely basis, the order will be canceled as undeliverable. The amount of refund will be determined on a per-case basis.


Cancellation Policy


If for any reason you wish to change or cancel your order, please notify us as soon as possible. We are happy to accommodate requests for changes or cancellations as long as we receive them before the order has been sent out on delivery or prepared for shipment. Forty-eight hour advance notice is necessary to assure a cancellation or any changes to your order. An order cannot be cancelled or changed after it has been sent out on delivery or prepared for shipment. Absolutely no refunds , cancellations or alterations of the orders, which are prepared for shipment or already shipped out.

In case an order has been cancelled 48 hours before the date of delivery we give you a store credit for the amount you paid or payment will be credited back to your card or Paypal account except $30 USD cancellation fee. If an order has been cancelled later than 48 hours before the delivery but not later than 24 hours before the date of delivery we keep 30% of the order's total or $40 (whichever is greater) and give you a store credit or credit back your card for remaining amount.
Store credits can be redeemed for any purchase in FlowersToPetersburg online store and have no expiration date.
No refund will be given if an order has been cancelled later than 24 hours before the date of delivery.

Note: If the delivery couldn't be done because of incorrectly specified recipient's address (and the correct phone number of the recipient wasn't given) or long absence of the recipient, FlowersToPetersburg will keep 30% of the order total or $40, whichever is greater. You will receive a store credit for the remaining amount.
In a special cases such us two or more delivery attempts, remote location of the recepient, high transportation expences, high cost of flowers/gifts , etc. , the company may retain more then 30% ( up to 100%) of the order's total.
It's highly recommended to specify the phone number of the recipient to avoid the scam incidents and the corresponding expenses.


Discount coupon Policy


If you did not apply a coupon code at the time of order submission, we cannot apply it later or provide a credit to your card or PayPal account. Additionally, two or more discount coupons cannot be used in the same order—only one discount per order.

The company is not obliged to issue any coupons (except store credits) per customers’ requests. Coupon issuance is at the discretion of the company's good will.


Flowers and perishable goods quality claims


We guarantee high quality and presentable appearance of the bouquets during the standard minimum durability period of the flowers.

Quality complaints on flowers, cakes, fruits and other perishable items are accepted only within 48 hours after the delivery has taken place. A picture of the delivered goods, clearly showing the damage, must be included, as it will help to determine further rectification steps. Please do not use filters when you send us pictures of the delivered items.

As flowers are perishable items, they may fade or die anytime within 3-14 days period. The flowers may fade even earlier if they are placed near heat sources, in any type of aggressive environment or if the fresh cold water is not changed daily. We do not take responsibility for the quality of the flowers if the recipient does not take proper care of the flowers or plants.

Questions? E-mail us at [email protected] or fill out a feedback form.