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About Us

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FlowersToPetersburg is a delivery service of Flowers & Gifts, a full-service florist serving Internet customers throughout the Saint Petersburg and vicinity. Our site is hosted and being operated in U.S.A., and we are happy to provide you with the American level of customer service and secure order processing with VeriSign.

FlowersToPetersburg is a proud member of RussianFlora.com delivery network which services all Russia, Ukraine and other countries of former Soviet Union.

Brief History

In the year 2001, the founder of FlowersToPetersburg, Mr. DF had a long-distance relationship with a young lady in Moscow, Russia.

Since thousands of miles separated Mr. DF from his loved one, it was very hard for him to send birthday flowers, cakes and other various gifts for different occasions. He wanted to frequently remind her about his feelings and serious intentions, so reliable gift delivery service was needed. So, he started to look for a service that could accommodate for his gift giving needs. Surprisingly, he found many web sites that provided such service. But he had soon discovered that many of them delivered low-quality flowers, while others were unreasonably expensive. Additionally, most local floral sites were located in Russia and did not provide the expected level of online security.

With this in mind, Mr. DF founded FlowersToPetersburg, a gift and flower delivery service not only in Saint Petersburg and Moscow, but all over former Soviet Union. He found local professional florists and gift delivery agents that provided delivery of reasonably priced quality products and connected them with the highest level of internet security and a US-based customer service. The parent flower delivery company was named RussianFlora.com and now unites over 300 florists and gift agents in various cities and vicinities of the former USSR. Additionally, RussianFlora.com provides delivery of any custom gifts per client request, including Custom Arrangements, Electronics, Gift Certificates, Personalized presents and many others.

Delivery in Saint Petersburg is $4.99. All orders outside of Saint Petersburg are subject to a delivery charge ranging from $9.95 to $14.95. For the complete list of cities where we currently deliver, please refer to the Delivery Guidelines. For delivery service outside of Saint Petersburg area, please visit the site of Russian Flora, our parent company.

If you want to pay for your order in cash in large cities of Russia, please email us at [email protected] to request a courier to pick up the payment from you and deliver your flowers or gifts to any specified address.

If you have a question regarding your order or any flower arrangement offered on our web site, please send an email: [email protected].

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB and Discover credit cards. Additionally we accept PayPal payments and many other payment methods. Same day delivery in Moscow is available if the order is placed by 8 a.m. in the Moscow time zone.